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Happiness CookbookI think there’s a rite of passage that parents have to go through {endure, if you will} and that’s to host a kids birthday party. Be it small or big, most parents will go through it, no doubt. Some will glide through with ease and finesse and others {Ahem, Me!} will have their moments of “frazzle-dome” {not a word, but it should be}.

Thankfully my Grandmother (the Party Guru) taught me her magical recipe for throwing a kids party. Sending out the Invitations is the first step to throwing your child’s party. Grandma advised me, when inviting your child’s friends you should invite the number that the birthday girl/boy is turning, plus 2. It works with all ages and helps manage the amount of kids you having running around your home. You should try to have at least one(1) adult per six(6) children.  Trust me;  you won’t be as stressed and can enjoy your child’s party and spend more time with them. You don’t want to just experience that special day through pictures or videos.

balloon bundleGet Lots of Balloons, you can never have too many balloons. I’m always amazed at how entertaining helium balloons can be. The children at my parties always seem to spend most of the party playing with the balloons. They especially love the Super-Shapes and Air Walkers Character Balloons. There are plenty of colorful latex balloons and solid color shaped foil balloons to choose from, and they are great decorations to keep everyone in a festive mood. SO ALWAYS GET BALLOONS!

Remember what is important to your birthday girl/boy when asking them what they want to do for their birthday. They are most likely going to give you a huge list of things that you will probably never be able to find, let alone afford. But, if you listen closely you will be able to narrow it down to what key factors they will love. I remember when my son was younger, he was giving me hisMudslinger-Mylar-pq list of things he wanted…which was nearly impossible to find. But through our conversation I heard him say the word “Big Trucks” at least a dozen times. He boasted about how much fun he and his friends always have while playing with his cars and trucks and how he loves the Big Trucks. From that conversation I was finally able to start planning his party and would look for things that related to things about cars and trucks.

I know budgets vary, but you can outsource {with local business services and/or receive help from family and friends} whenever possible, to save yourself from added stress, time, or a mental breakdown. I was lucky enough to receive help towards the party costs as well as some of the preparations, from friends and family members. For example, I knew I could make the birthday cake however it would be something I’d agonize over – so I had a neighbor make the cake for $40. Once I calculated out the costs to buy the ingredients and the time it would take to make, I knew it was better to outsource. I was also able to outsource for the food I wanted to serve at the party. I found a party caterer through a local business directory online that provided a food delivery service. I saved money just by having the catering company drop off the prepared food, so I didn’t have to pay for their time during the party. If you’re on a really tight budget, you could ask friends and family to bring a dish, snacks or even drinks. Depending on how much your budget is you could outsource everything and REALLY enjoy the party or choose some of the important things on your list to lighten your load just a little bit.

Try not to set the bar to high, Nothing is Perfect! No matter how hard you try to plan and prepare for a party. I had to remind myself a few times, that everything did not need to be perfect, though I really wanted it to be. After all, my son would not notice all of the minor details I stressed to try and make perfect. What he will notice and always remember, which is the most important thing…that he had an awesome and fun birthday party that I threw for him. I have a theory I live by, with any party or event…it’s that something will most likely go wrong. It’s not a pessimistic view, so to speak, it’s just a little more of a realistic view in my opinion. So once something breaks or goes awry; I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, work around it, and enjoy the party. Hopefully those things are an easy fix, if not…maybe it’s time for a glass of wine (LoL).

Try to write out To Do Lists; your brain is going to be filled with so many details, so give your brain a break and write out lists of things you need to do. For example, I found online some free printable party planning lists to print out. I wrote down everything I needed to do and things I needed to get, down to the minor details. It just meant it was all out of my head and on to paper…now to delegate some of these things to your spouse, family members or friends that are willing to help out.

Happy Birthday CakeIt is always best to try an have a back up plan for any party or event. I found this out the hard way, unfortunately…on the day of my daughter’s party, our dog got into the house and started eating the birthday cake which was sitting on the kitchen table. After I had a minor freak-out about the situation, I enlisted my best friend’s help and we were back on track with the party. Thankfully, we were able to find a local Walmart with a bakery department. I told my daughter and her friends to have some ice cream until my best friend returned with the cake…Hence my added ingredient of knowledge – Nothing is Perfect!

Finally the last ingredient to always use…Have fun, enjoy the party with your family, friends, children and most importantly the main ingredient for your party, the Birthday Boy/Girl! party horns

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