Burlesque Witch Adult Costume Size 2-8


  • 1 Women Adult Costume Per Package
  • Size 2-8 Adult
  • Package Includes:
    100% Woven Polyester Dress w/Attached Tap Pants
    Velvet Lace Up Waist Cinch Waist and Lace Jabot
    Witch Hat
  • Manufactured by Fun World

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Halloween witches are normally hideous creatures who no one wants to be around. With this Halloween costume idea however, the exact opposite is true. Instead of warts, you can show legs, and a lot of it. In fact, the entire costume is more teasing than wheezing, more smooch than cackle and just a little naughty. A classic pointed hat is standard. The lacey purple shirt and train combo is definitely hot. The sleeves are sheer and decorative Goth. Every detail suggests woman instead of scary sorceress. Dress up this costume with your favorite stiletto boots and you’ll be popular on Halloween night.

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