Hot Wheels Speed City Jumbo Add an Age Happy Birthday 10.7 ft Banner Kit


  • Banner Measures 10 ft. Long with Hinged Letters
  • Customizable
  • Includes: Four Characters – TH, RD, ND, ST
  • Includes: 5 Pieces of Double Sided Tape

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Our Hot wheels banner features cutout letters outlined in bright red spelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with a round medallion separating the two words and blank space to add and age. Each letter displays colorful hot wheels cars against a blue background, while connected to a blue band with cutout holes for easy hanging.

1    Customizable Letter Banner  – 10.7 Feet Long with 10 Inch Tall Letters
24  Attachable Pieces: 2 Each 0 – 9 Plus TH, RD, ND, ST
5    Pieces of Double Sided Tape



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