Jurassic World Pop Out Pull String Party Piñata


  • Piñata Measures 18″ x 18″
  • Use as a Pull String Piñata or Regular Piñata
  • Includes 12 Pull Strings
  • Piñata Holds Up To 2 lbs. of Candy and Prizes
  • Candy Filler and Prizes Not Included

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Jurassic World Pop Out Pull String Party Piñata

This Jurassic World Pop Out Pull String Party Piñata can be the main attraction at your child’s birthday party! This round, double-sided pop out style piñata features a fearsome T-Rex against a jungle background.Add a deluxe Party Package and your party is complete.

Pull-String Piñatas are a safe alternative to traditional piñatas; you simply take turns pulling ribbons until one ribbon opens to releases candy and party favors.

How To Use the Pull String Pinatas:

  • Expand the pinata, find the fill hole and load it with candy and small prizes.
  • Be sure to hang the pinata so that everyone can reach a string.
  • You can have your guests stand or sit in a circle around the pinata.
  • Have each guest to take turns pulling firmly on the ribbons that are attached at the bottom of the pinata, each guest only pulling one at a time and taking turns. There is only one ribbon, when pulled that will open the trap door and release all of the candy.