Olde Porterfield Gift Shoppe by Thomas Kinkade


  • Beautiful Framed Signed and Numbered Canvas Lithograph
  • There were only 980 Made
  • This is number 622 out of 980
  • Had touched under the Supervision of Thomas Kinkade
  • Published and Painted in 1992.
  • Completely Sold out Limited Edition

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Falling snow brings a hush over the landscape as though the whole world has taken a deep breath in anticipation of some magical moment. In this scene, I enjoyed trying to capture the silent softness of the snow as it blankets the English countryside.

Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Print on Canvas
Hand signed and numbered number 622/980. This is a 20″ x 16″ canvas print set in a 28 1/8″ x 24 1/8″ white wash frame. The canvas has been hand highlighted by artisans under the supervision of Thomas Kinkade.


Title: Olde Porterfield Gift Shoppe
Painted: 1992
Published: 1992
Style: Chiaroscuro
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: England
Limited Edition: Sold Out